Electronics Store Parts

The following is a listing of the electronics parts and kits we normally sell at Nomad-A-What. This is not an up-to-date inventory so please contact us if you need something in particular.

Part Name Price Link to Photo
Stacking Header for Raspberry PI - 2.13 Extra Tall None $2.50
Springs Assorted Bulk None $10.00
SpokePOV Kit None $31.00
SpokePOV Kit None $36.00
Speaker Small Miscellaneous None $3.00
Solid Brass Chrome Plated Spacers Spacers Solid Brass Chrome Plated Threaded $1.25
Solid Brass Chrome Plated Spacers Spacers Solid Brass Chrome Plated Threaded $2.00
Soldering Stand $8.00
Soldering Irons $20.00
Socket IC 8pin DIP None $0.25
Socket IC 16Pin Dip None $0.25
Socket IC 14DIP Round Pin Socket for Integrated Circuit 14 Pin with round holes $0.30
SN74HC14DR IC HEX SCHMITT-TRIG INV 14-SOIC http://www.semicon.toshiba.co.jp/info/docget.jsp?type=datasheet&lang=en&pid=TC74HC14AF $1.25
Single Row Round Header Pin 40 2.54mm None $1.25
Single Row Male Copper Right Angle Pin Header None $0.25
Single Row Male 40 Pin Header Strip Gold-Plated ROHS Red, Blue, White & Black $0.25
Single Row Header Socket Right Angle None $3.00
Shifter Board Kit None $12.00
Shield Xbee http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoXbeeShield $50.00
Sheet Metal Screws Bulk None $8.00
Sheet Metal Screw None $4.00
SD/MicroSD Memory Card (4 GB) None $9.00
Screws Hex Self Drill Bulk None $12.00
Round Nylon Spacers miscellaneous Spacers Round Nylon. Variety $0.40
Round Nylon Screws miscellaneous Screws round and nylon. Variety of lengths. $0.25
Robot Kit Make a robot, car, whatever you want! Just add an ... $20.00
RGB LCD Shield Kit with 16x2 Character Display None $22.00
Resistor, Misc $0.10
Red LED None $0.25
Red EL Wire per foot None $2.00
Rectifier Diode $0.25
Rechargeable Battery D None $5.00
Rechargeable Battery C None $4.50
Rechargeable Battery AA None $2.50
Rechargeable Battery 9 Volt None $7.00
Rechargeable Batterty AAA None $2.50
Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB RAM None $50.00
Purple LED $0.25
Punk LED Collar Kit - Red LEDs None $35.00
Prototyping PCB Printed Circuit Board None $6.00
Proto Board (Glass Plate Universal) 3-1/2” x 6” $4.50
Potentiometer Misc (Variable Resistor) None $0.50
Potentiometer 10K (Variable Resistor) None $0.25
Position DIP Switch 4mm Assorted Sizes 2, 4, 6 & 8 switches each. $0.50
Photoresistor 5MM $0.25
Perf board Various Sizes $1.00
Panel Mount USB Cable - B Female to Micro-B Male None $4.50
Pan Head Blinder Slot Nylon Screws miscellaneous Pan Head Screws blinder slot nylon. Variety of lengths $0.25
Paint Brush None $0.25
Orange LED $0.25