Coworking at RockIT CoLabs

Have you ever found yourself working at a cafe stuck on a coding problem and wish you could raise your hand to ask someone a question? Have you ever found yourself feeling a bit anonymous and alone at some of the larger Coworking venues? Are you a bootstrapper, or pre-venture capital entrepreneur who needs an affordable place to work.

RockIT CoLabs is a friendly collaborative community of hackers, makers and entrepreneurs who enjoy social and business collaboration with others. We prefer self-service and pay as you go amenities as a way to save our hard earned cash.

Coworking Amenities

* Copier/printer/scanner. Prints $.25 per page. Members receive 200 free color or B & W prints per month.
* Office supplies & equipment, including laminator, paper shredder, paper cutter, scissors, stapler, paper clips, pens, pencils, markers, tape, glue.
* Adjustable (sitting or standing height) shared desk spaces with power outlets.
* Meeting room with wall mounted flat screen and landline telephone. Members can reserve meeting room for 6 hours per month. Casual meetings available on first come - first served basis.
* Comfortable office chairs.
* Lounge with comfy couches and AppleTV.
* Free coffee/tea. Microwave and fridge for lunches.
* Hot monitors, keyboards, mice to borrow.
* Accessories and tech equipment to share (noise canceling headphones, SD card readers, camera, audio and video mixers, adapters, computer power supplies, etc.)
* Large flat screen classes, presentations.
* Free evening space for meetups, classes, presentations of up to 25 people.