Community Rules

Be excellent to each other. This is the basic tenet used in Hackerspaces and one we use at RockIT CoLabs as well. 

Be kind whenever possible AND it’s always possible. Even when you disagree with someone, be sensitive and don’t make them feel small. 

Be friendly and social. We do not allow anti-social behavior at RockIT. For us, anti-social behavior includes aggressiveness, rudeness, evasiveness, hostility, poor hygiene, inappropriately suggestive/sexual behavior or any other behavior that has the effect of making others uncomfortable. 

Talking and making friends is allowed. RockIT is a place for sharing and collaboration. Feel free to introduce yourself to others and be open to meeting others. If you need to concentrate, consider headphones.

No illegal activities. However, justified you feel your actions may be, doing things that can get us in trouble jeopardizes the future operation of our space and is not cool. 

Keep RockIT safe. If people are getting hurt at RockIT we are not going to be around for long. Take responsibility for your own safety and remind others to be safe also. 

Learn safe practices. For your safety and the protection of our shared tools, do not use tools and equipment unless you have been trained and/or had a skills check. 

All workspace at RockIT is shared. Be flexible if your favorite corner of RockIT is occupied when you get here.

Exercise community resource sharing. The facilities, tools, equipment, power, internet bandwidth etc. are all shared resources and RockIT. Do not use more than your fair share of time or materials. If you are using RockIT resources for production work make arrangements to reimburse RockIT for equipment use costs. 

Do not remove tools and equipment. We are working on tool and equipment sharing outside RockIT, but for the moment do not remove things from our space. 

Keep things clean and tidy. Pickup after yourself when you complete working on a project. 

Leave tools and equipment at your own risk. Your personal tools and equipment left at RockIT (excluding personal lockers) will be considered shared with the community. If you think you will ever want it back, you must sign a indefinite loan agreement. RockIT is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal items.

No animals (except service animals)

Two Guests Only Members may have up to two guests in the space with them at a time for meetings. Meetings are defined as events where you are talking about work. If you guests are actually doing work, we may suggest they also have a day pass. Guests are required to sign the guest list - liability waiver and assumption of risk before entering RockIT CoLabs.

No smoking. In the building or 20 feet from the entrance. This includes your smokable medicine. 

No unsupervised children. Although RockIT is primarily a space for adults, we welcome supervised, well behaved children at RockIT, however be advised that we can’t always control the language and atmosphere. Notwithstanding, be kind and considerate to children’s less experienced ears and eyes. 

No sleeping. RockIT is a place to work. It’s awkward for others to work around snoring, drooling bodies. 

Ask about music. Some people like some of it, some people dislike all of it. If agree on music with others nearby, play it low and ask others about the music as they arrive. The default music output is headphones.