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Code monkey
I'm a Drupal developer in Oakland CA. My specialty is creating custom Drupal websites and applications. My background is in graphic design and I'm a themer. We specialize in pretty much everything Drupal. We're a small shop called MMWD based in downtown Oakland.
RockIT CoLabs
Steampunk enthusiast, aspiring circus performer, amateur science fiction writer, Dr. Who fan, southerner who loves her adopted city of San Francisco
RockIT CoLabs, Hostel Management International, LLC, Pacific Tradewinds Hostel, LLC, San Francisco Student Homestays, LLC
I have had a lot of life experience in electronics, small business startups, and web development. My previous projects included founding, self-converting my car to a plug-in hybrid, and starting a variety of small businesses (some of which still keep me busy). I'm particularly...
Test users of America - Hello
I'm a test user and pretty comfortable with that.
i am a web developer
- Student @ SFSU -
I'm studying Urban Studies and Computer Science at SFSU. I am passionate about using software and technology to make cities better. I'm a transit nerd, a sociologist, and a chronic automator.
maker, hacker, creative technologist