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i'm a web developer, i use Symfony (PHP framework MVC) for programing backend and Foundation+jquery to the frontend. I'am learning Ruby On Rails but i dont like too much.
Looking for a life changer!! Interests: Programing & Sports!! Currently a owner of a small biz in the construction industry
Eidyia, LLC
I'm a user experience strategist. Previously analytics, marketing, and ecommerce.
A software developer & Engineer :)
My career goal: to combine my love of entertaining people with my passion for sustainability. I want to entertain, educate, and empower people to work toward a sustainable future.
Right now I'm CTO at and working on Once upon a time, I helped start Also into social justice, food, adventure & Doctor Who.
Co-founder of Puddle. Ashoka fellow and PhD in Microfinance. Lover of alternative and community finance. I was born in Barcelona, now living in San Francisco.
iOS Dev. Big Data Research Scientist. Alchemist?
Sun Synchrony
big time appetite, actively seeking tennis opponents (partners) for the court 1 block away
Oelewapper GmbH
Interests include Buddhism, existential Christianity, American country music, Prussian history, chess, go, xiangqi, mahjong, Dou Di Zhu, pinochle, table tennis