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Filmmaker, designer, tech enthusiast
Worked in the computer industry for 17 years. Initially writing, deploying and supporting a financial and manufacturing system. Then working for a computer manufacturer (HP), providing account based upgrade services, onsite technical support and adhoc consultancy. Currently, learning web...
Elbii LLC
Web / Security Engineer Consultant. Moved to the Bay Area 3 years ago and may never leave. Indoor enthusiast.
A current transplant by way of New York. Full stack engineer who also enjoying tinkering with microprocessor projects, gaming, cooking and (learning) beer brewing.
Teacher without money
Crater House
I'm dedicated to broadening the field of game design by inventing new ways to play. I earned my MFA at USC's Interactive Media and Games Division.
Enterprise Solution Architect by day, maker by night
Identified, RBSavvy
An active Rubist who is fond of Rails. Currently learning Scala while developing Hadoop pipelines with Scalding.