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  • KnitFit- Hat Knitting Machine
    Imagine knitting a hat while you ride your bike. This will be a reality thanks to RockIT CoLabs member Kris Struble. He is building this open source pedal powered knitting machine.
  • Facebook Flip Counter
    I totally want this for my businesses. But, as usual for startups, it's sold out. Guess I will have to make it myself. Since the flip technology part is going to be really difficult, I will like opt for large blue LED displays.
  • New Earth Project Development
    Development on the Web Portal and Intranet system for a really awesome nonprofit initiative. The New Earth Project offers a comprehensive blueprint which addresses the worlds failing models of education, health and socioeconomics.
  • Interactive Video Walls
    This project is a bit difficult to put into words but it's something I think would be really cool at RockIT CoLabs.
  • Social Experiment - Cupcake Delivery Robot
    Robots are always helping people. It's about time we give them some help back! As a social experiment I'd like to create a friendly courier robot that will delivery cupcakes to lucky people people in San Francisco.
  • Modular Power
    Joe O'Connor is working with Modular Power, a low cost modular solar system that can be incrementally purchased to allow for a larger system over time.
  • Mohinders Shoes
    Mohinders makes leather shoes that are well-made, versatile and sourced right. Each pair is hand-made by a village cooperative in India and constructed using high quality vegetable-tanned or heirloom-tanned leather.
  • 3D Printed Prosthetics
    Shelli is trying out several open source, mostly 3D printer prosthetics with the intent of raising funds to purchase a 3D printer, computer, and supplies to set up a cheap/low cost prosthetics workshop in Mongolia.
  • New Solar Electricity Systems with Sun Synchrony
    Sun Synchrony is working at RockIT CoLabs to build solar electricity systems that produce twice the electricity per area as traditional solar panels.
  • Setup Vinyl Cutter Plotter
    We now have a Graphtec 6000 vinyl cutter plotter in San Francisco. We have an instructor lined up who formally used this exact machine at Facebook, who is going to show us all the ins and outs.
  • Electronics Workshop Setup
    This is an ongoing project. Our goal is to have center console that provides ethernet, power, USB hubs, and low voltage power supplies at each station.

Welcome to RockIT >> Part Coworking, part Makerspace - RockIT is a small space where friendly and social people come to collaboratively work and create to produce amazing technology that creates community and makes the world a better place. We have a focus on sharing knowledge, open source, collaborative consumptiondisruptive innovation, and small/micro business bootstrapping. We are not a place for secret projects or renting your own private executive suite. We have a variety of office and makerspace amenities. We are just getting started so things are a little rough around the edges. However, we expect that our space will always be a bit more Bohemian that your typical Coworking and bit more organized than your typical hackerspace. We have three floors of space so we encourage people to use the space in the evenings and weekends for small informal low-cost classes and sharing meetups. Above is a list of our upcoming classes and meetups.